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Finding Blossoms in the Darkness Book Featured on Female First Blog

Simin Sarikhani was invited to share the personal story of her son’s suicide, as part of their World Suicide Prevention Day theme, with the Female First blog.

From the blog post:

There is no greater love than the love for a child. No greater injustice than the loss of a child. Their name remains on our lips, their love within our hearts, their memory within our minds. Drowning in the sudden tsunami of grief, the thought that we could live again seems inconceivable, utterly impossible. My son Zhubin was just 21 years old when he ended his young life. I had to learn patience, for no matter how painful the situation, there is always a slender trace of hope that eventually a path out of the quagmire will be found.

Read the Simin Sarikhani's guest blog post here.

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