After the death of her son the days seemed endlessly dark. But the discovery of the letters he left behind for her would change everything.

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Part One

After fleeing the turmoil in Iran during the 1979 Islamic Revolution, Simin Sarikhani gave birth to her son Zhubin in London, UK. Eventually settling in Canada, regular family life was about raising Zhubin in a new and unfamiliar setting. Young Zhubin suffered from an exhausting condition of sleep deprivation, and as he grew into his teens the condition deteriorated. The hopeful search for second opinions and a true diagnosis gave way to a numbing routine of specialist doctors and experimental treatments.  As the agonizing reality of the rare and undiagnosable illness set in, the light at the end of the tunnel for Simin and her son grew ever fainter.

Part Two

Despite the impossible circumstances, life soldiered on, until one fateful morning when Zhubin unexpectedly disappeared. Shock, desperation, and a frantic search were to no avail as the grim confirmation hit Simin like a ton of bricks. Zhubin was gone at age 21, on the day before Mother’s Day. The darkness that enveloped Simin seemed absolute. As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, Simin was simply going through the bereavement motions. The bleak trajectory of torment seemed interminable, until an unexpected escape hatch from the agony appeared in the form of newly rediscovered letters from Zhubin in a binder titled “The Master Plan”.

Part Three

Through Zhubin’s words Simin had glimpses of a new beginning that might await. "Be a source of light where there is darkness. But how? 'Could' must be replaced by 'can'." Through volunteering at a nearby school for special needs children, Simin started on what she thought was a journey to heal her heart, but what became a universal plan for hope, love, and self-mastery. The first step was to establish the Zhubin Foundation that supports charitable organizations in support of children with special needs.

Part Four

"All the good feelings in the heart come from the Light. Open the door of your heart. Show your faith and let God work on it. Life does not last forever, but love does." Wise words can heal the heart, but that’s cold comfort as a substitute for the real thing, something physical. "Miracles do 'happen'. They really do. Believe and believe more." In a fit of grief, Simin asked for a sign. Incredibly, she got not just one, but an entire sequence of astonishing signs, messages, enlightening experiences. Are they merely coincidences? Or does the Universe not understand coincidence?

Part Five

Escaping the torment of loss and grief had seemed inconceivable, but through the remarkable writings of Zhubin and the stunning series of signs, Simin had successfully found the blossoms in the darkness. "Life is a wonderful and amazing journey – just enjoy it! Our journey started from the moment that we are born and ends at the last breath we take. In this short time we have here, there are endless possibilities, ways to love, give and learn. One has to go along the road with faith and courage."

Part Six

Who was Zhubin? How could someone gain as much depth of insight in such a short lifetime and under such tortured circumstances? What was the source of his strength? Zhubin was a simple and quiet boy, yet somehow he gained a rather deep understanding. He owned his destiny and respected his life with dignity. His pain became his secret refuge – in a way, a source of blessing. Zhubin’s words are profound, insightful, and innocent.

Part Seven

This is not a story about loss, grief, sadness or pain, although Simin was forced to confront them all. Instead, it is a heartfelt tale of faith, hope, and finding inner peace and contentment. It is about becoming whole again. "Mom, you are not alone. I am always with you. It is okay to miss me. But don’t be broken. We are connected always and forever."

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